Wind Myth

One day a man was cooking over a fire when it got out of control.   Soon the whole forest was on fire.   So he asked Zeus for help.   He blew out the fire.   Now, whenever there is a fire burning,  somewhere the wind is blowing.

Voki doesn’t work on my computer, soo…. i made something different!!


One Cool Cat

Nudge woke up from his salmon filled dreams to find a burning home. He raced up the stairs. He had to tell the humans! He pushed open the door. “Meow! Meow! Meow!”  His owners woke up with a start. “What is it, Nudge?”  Mr. and Mrs. Fiddlesworth asked sleepily. Mr. Fiddlesworth looked out the door. “OMG! Fire! Come on honey!” Mrs. Fiddlesworth grabbed Nudge and sprinted out the door. They sat on the grass as the firemen hurried around them. “You’re a hero, Nudge!” Mr. Fiddlesworth exclaimed. Nudge laid down. This seemed like the perfect time for a nap.



My mystery book is Harriet Spies Again by Helen Ericson. Helen Ericson lives in a small town in the Midwest with her two teenage daughters, young son, and a big cat named Goldfinger. She has degrees in law and religion but works as a journalist. Her other activities include skiing, tennis, and reading.

What I would show Mrs.W in Hunstville

If Mrs. W came to Hunstville I would show her the Space and Rocket center, Bridge Street, and my school. I would show her the Space and Rocket center because it is a very fun and interesting place. It has rocket science and fun rides.

I would show Mrs. W Bridge Street because it is a big, fun shopping center with all kind of restaurants and stores. You can get lots of stuff there.

I would show Mrs. W my school because she know a lot of my classmates from blogging. I could let her talk to Mrs. Seeley, my English teacher. I think she would like it in English.

What Makes Me

I am a Hunstvillian because I was born here. I am a soccer player because I play soccer. I am a piano player because I play piano. I love cats because they are soft and warm and cuddly. Samantha says I’m a coolio nerd 8). I am smart and funny. I was born in Huntsville Hospital.